When delivered Reeti includes basics modules to access to all its resources.

Those modules are loaded in Urbi server just after Reeti boot :

Note : To add your own module in the automatic launcher  refer to Run your module at Reeti Launch.

Module NameDescriptionModule prefixExamples (refer to API below for full list of functions, parameters and data)
UReetiHead Interface with all head functions (15 motors and 2 LED)Global.servo.xxx

Global.servo.neutralPosition() ;

Global.servo.leftEyePan = 20;

Global.servo.color = "red";

UTTSInterface with Loquendo Text To Speech (refer also to Loquendo doc)Global.tts.xxx




UCameraInterface with Reeti Cameras (see also Use Reeti Video)Global.camera.xxx

Global.camera.takePicture(0, "myPicture.jpg"); – 0 for left camera

Global.camera.recordVideo(1, "myVideo.avi"); – 1 for right camera


UPlayerModule to play Poses or Sequences created with Reeti Graphical InterfaceGlobal.player.xxx



Urbi server


Urbi server functions (refer to Urbi sdk)Global.server.xxx

Global.server.systemLaunch("mkdir myDir"); – execute system code



Browse the online Reeti Modules API (doxygen doc) : 

How to update API pages (robopec restricted page)


Download the Reeti Modules API doxygen archive :