In this tutorial we will see how to set up the connexion between the ROS master of the REETI and a remote linux computer.

Setting the Environment Variable

In order to use ROS from a remote computer you will need to add some environment variables on your computer and on the REETI.

On the REETI :

On the remote computer:

Save and close the files and restart your reeti (to restart the roscore with good ROS_IP and ROS_HOSTNAME).

To get more informations on how to setup ROS with multiple computers, read this page.

Testing the connexion

Once your Reeti is restarted, roscore and ReetiRosNode are started automatically.

Open a terminal in the remote computer and launch : "rosservice list", you should be able to see the different services of the node you launched earlier as "/Say" or "/SetPose".

You can now create new ros nodes on your computer and make them communicate with the Reeti Ros Node on the REETI.


If when you using a node on the remote computer you fail to call the associated service on the REETI and the roscore on the REETI prints: "Couldn't find an AF_INET address for".

Edit (as root) the /etc/hosts file of the remote computer and then add the following line :

Edit (as root) the /etc/hosts file of the reeti and then add the following line :

Close all the opened terminal and retry.