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How to update Ubuntu or add ubuntu packages



CAREFULL : this procedure allows you to install packages or to update packages which could be incompatible with Reeti softwares. Reeti warranty will be null if you do such updates.


By default Reeti does refer to Reeti repository.
If you want to install Ubuntu packages from another repository, here is the procedure.

For Reeti V2

Procedure to enable the official Ubuntu repo :

  1. in a terminal launch "sudo software-properties-gtk"
  2. in the tab "Other Software" disable all the sources
  3. in the tab "Ubuntu Software" activate at least the sources "main" and "universe"
  4. run in the terminal "sudo apt-get update"

For Reeti V1

Procedure to enable the official Ubuntu repo :

  1. save file /etc/apt/sources.list : cp /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.reeti


  1. download the file sources.list


  1. and copy it to /etc/apt/
  2. Procedure to come back to Reeti repo : cp /etc/apt/sources.list.reeti /etc/apt/sources.list