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1/ Introduction

RPilot is the application allowing you to create poses for Reeti you can use in other applications. When you want Reeti to be sad or happy, use it!



2/ Use

On the right, you can see the home page of the RPilot application.

Home (white) :

Go back to the Launcher Home.

New (yellow) :

Create a new pose. Enter the name of your pose and the moves you want to be active in this pose (among eyes, ears, mouth, neck and color).

Save (violet) :

Allow you to save the pose created. The pose is saved under /home/reeti/reetiDocuments/Poses/Path_indicated.

Load (green) :

You can load a pose already created in order to modify it or to create a new pose from an old one. Choose a pose and Reeti take this pose. You can double click or click validate once the pose chosen to pick one of the pose.

Configure (blue) :

Configure allow you to change the general parameters of the pose.

Moves (red) :

By moving sthe sliders, you also move the corresponding axis on Reeti.

Change LED color (pink):

Change the LED color by picking a proposed color. “Off” will switch off the lights.









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