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To perform a factory reset of the reeti, you will need :

  • a usb drive of at least 8GB
  • a computer with Windows or Linux to create the bootable recovery drive

1] Download the image file

2] Write image to USB drive

Using Windows :

  1. Download win32diskmanager :
  2. Using win32diskmanager, write the image to the usb drive

Using Linux :

  1. In a shell with root access, use the following command :
    dd if=/path/to/downloaded.img of=/dev/devicenode bs=1M
    where download.img is the image you downloaded in step 1], /dev/devicenode the device path of your usb drive
(warning) Be careful when choosing the destination drive, all existing data on it will be erased

3] Recover your Reeti configuration files

Backup (for example on a usb drive) :

  • /reetiPrograms/configuration/languages.conf
  • /reetiPrograms/configuration/servo.cfg
  • /reetiPrograms/configuration/ReetiHardwareVersion 


Also backup all your personal files created on your Reeti. They should be in :

  • /home/reeti/reetiDocuments/Sequences
  • /home/reeti/reetiDocuments/Poses
  • /home/reeti/reetiDocuments/Images
  • ... etc

4] Install the factory image

(warning) All the existing data on the Reeti will be erased

  1. Turn off the Reeti
  2. Connect the recovery usb drive you created to the Reeti
  3. Turn on the Reeti
  4. When the screen below appears, choose "Install reeti"

  5. Press "y" when asked to confirm (two times) 
  6. When the recovery is finished, the computer will shutdown : you can eject the usb drive

5] Initial configuration

  1. Power on the Reeti
  2. On the reeti screen, click on the "ubuntu" icon to go to the desktop
  3. Restore the files from step 3] to their original location
  4. Open a terminal, then start "/opt/EtalonnageServo/bin/EtalonnageServo" (see image below)
    1. Enter the serial number (found on a label on the bottom of the Reeti)
    2. Press "Save" then "Ok"
    3. Close the window "EtalonnageServo"
  5. reboot
  6. Connect the Reeti to an internet connection
  7. Click on the update button on the home screen (or start "sudo apt-get update" then "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" in a terminal)

    (warning) Do not upgrade to ubuntu 16.04 (in ubuntu's update settings, this notification can be disabled)
  8. reboot
  9. the Reeti is ready for use



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