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Two IDE are pre installed in Reeti :

  • Eclipse, recommended for java projects 
  • QtCreator recommended for C++ projects (QtCreator can be use as a simple IDE without using Qt functions)


Open c++ samples with QtCreator

  1. Start qtcreator
  2. Open the sample's CMakeList.txt (for example /home/reeti/reetiDevel/Samples/Urbi/StandAloneCPP/CMakeList.txt)
  3. Chose a build directory, for example : /home/reeti/reetiDevel/Samples/Urbi/StandAloneCPP/build
  4. Select "Configure project"
  5. Compile & run

Open java samples with Eclipse

  1. Start eclipse
  2. Open the sample project in eclipse (File -> Import -> Existing projects)
  3. open the project properties, then choose "Run/Debug Settings" -> "Edit" -> "Arguments"

  4. in the text field "VM arguments", add : "-Djava.library.path=/usr/local/gostai/lib/"

  5. Compile & run