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You can now develop easily your customs apllications for the Reeti using our Java API.
This API allows you to develop applications without using any ROS or URBI functions.

How to use the API

In order to use our API you need to create a new Maven project using eclipse or your favorite Java IDE (If you do not know how to create a maven project see next section).
Once your project is created you need to modify the pom.xml file and add the following code:



Once you have edited the pom.xml file you should check the maven dependencies in your project explorer.
If the reetiLib-1.0.2.jar is present in the list the pom.xml file was properly edited else please check if your properly edited it.

You can now add in your java file the import needed to use the API :

  • import reeti.*; if you are going to use all of the API features.
  • import reeti.Reeti; to use the main functions of the API.

Include maven to Eclipse

In order to use our API you need to use maven a project.
To add the maven plugin to Eclipse follow these simple steps:

  • In eclipse go to : help -> install new software
  • click on the add button near the select site list
  • set the informations asked as following : name = m2eclipse site =
  • in the work with section select the m2eclipse site
  • the check the combobox in the list and click on next.

The installation of maven in eclipse is now completed.

To create a maven project follow this few steps:

  • in eclipse go to: file -> new project
  • select : maven -> maven project
  • complete the next steps asked by eclipse

You know have a ready to use maven project.

More Information

You can find a complete documentation of the Java API here  wiki description or here Java API

You can find some samples here : Java API samples

Reeti Java child pages

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