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Andrew Wilcox is in charge of the iCare Adventure project of the EverAge Company.

Innovative IWK emergency department app gathers real-time data about kids and their conditions.

Hospital Waiting rooms can be stressful for the kids and their families. A new iPad application (app) being developed at the IWK Health Centre aims to turn this situation into an educational and even fun experience for children. The app is called iCare Adventure.

Once a child enters the emergency department they will be given an iPad. They then create a personalized avatar and can use it to travel to 15 different landmarks using a flying carpet.

There are a number of hidden tools that will help the IWK’s staff monitor how the waiting patient is doing. For example, during game play a child can be given reminders and asked questions about their medical state. If they are dehydrated, the app will remind them they need to drink Pedialyte and it can ask them to rate their pain level. If the level goes up, then the triage nurse is notified. iCare Adventure is being designed not only to support children and families while they wait for medical attention, but also as a research tool. The app will help collect valuable information about patients’ health condition and their experience and satisfaction with care. This will be used to inform further improvements to patient care.

Reeti will serve as a bridge between the virtual world of the game and the reality of the waiting room.

You can find more informations on the article of the Izzak magazine.



Team : EverAge consulting

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 The Izzak magasine's article





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